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Mental Toughness University (MTU)

MTU is about training people how to THINK like world-class performers, and how to control and manipulate their own emotions for MAXIMUM performance. This is a cross between emotional intelligence training and critical thinking. It’s an introspective process that causes people to examine their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs and how those directly impact their results. We call the process, ‘Facilitated Introspection’.

The initial program is an awakening to expose participants to the process and show them there’s a higher level of emotional competence and mental performance than they are experiencing. We facilitate this emotional transformation through out the process. Each participant is assigned homework each week and held accountable for submitting it. Both the initial seminar and the follow–up teleconferences are highly interactive. Most people that go through the process have never been exposed to this level of personal introspection. They may be familiar with some of the content, but the real growth and change comes from them getting to know themselves. Most participants are shocked and surprised to learn how little they know about themselves.

The Mental Toughness University Process has the power to brin out the best in any performer who will engage his or her mind in the process.

  • How to have fun, make more money, and get tough at the same time
  • The most closely guarded secret in professional sports…and how you can use it in your business
  • How champions develop laser focus and harness their mental power
  • How to avoid the most common killer of champions
  • How you can manufacturer motivation and catapult your confidence
  • The three things you must do to move from being a good performer to a great performer… and why most people won’t bother.

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